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Dr. David Robinson is selected in "Top Dentists" in Cincy Magazine, October 2015.

"Spa Dentistry Pampers Patients"


"…Another top dentist in our area that offers these exceptional services is Dr. David Robinson at Kenwood Cosmetic Dentistry. Your relaxing visit begins in the waiting room, where you can unwind in the Brookstone massage chair or rest your feet in the foot massager, in case you need to wait a bit. The office also has an extensive refreshment center offering coffee, tea, soda, and even wine. You can also indulge in Rice Krispy treats or other baked goods prior to your procedure."

"…All Dr. Robinson's dental chairs are equipped with massage cushions that allow you to adjust the temperature and intensity for your comfort. You are then offered state-of-the art television glasses that feature over 500 channels of sports and movies. Kids can use them to watch cartoons during their cleaning. You may also receive paraffin treatment on your hands, even for the guys. At Kenwood Cosmetic Dentistry, a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere accompanied by exceptional personal care is key."

"The Perfect Smile"


"…Dr. David M. Robinson of Kenwood Cosmetic Dentistry has a catalog of about 12 different smiles patients to choose from. It's actually the same person wearing 12 different sets of veneers. He said the types of smiles range from Hollywood to Oval or with pointed canines or rounded canines, so the patient can really design their own smile."

"…Robinson takes a person's bite into consideration first before doing an sort of cosmetic reconstruction."

"…As one of the few dentists in the Tri-state that uses neuromuscular dentistry, Robinson uses a computer to help identify where people's bite should be. Most people wear down their bite and the bite collapses. He said by repositioning the bite itself, it's almost like an instant facelift. After adjusting the jaw, Robinson will then do cosmetic work with veneers to create an even longer lasting smile."

"…Robinson added that adjusting the jaw also helps patients with TMJ and relieves patients with headaches, back pain and other symptoms with a misaligned bite."

"Aging Defied"


"…It's vital, adds Dr. David M. Robinson of Kenwood Cosmetic Dentistry, to address function as well as aesthetics. 'We need to restore people back to where they should be - not just restore them where they are.' To that end, Robinson uses a jaw scanning/jaw tracking system to find out where the ideal position of the jaw should be before he restores the teeth. That way he's sure to treat any underlying problem as he designs a beautiful smile."

"Dr. Robinson helps give the smile you've always wanted"


"Dr. David Robinson D.D.S. focuses on preventative long-term dental care and elective cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Robinson can help you get the smile you've always wanted. Making you look good with preventative and long-term dentistry will help you prevent dental emergencies, improve your self-esteem and may even help your career.

'All porcelain crowns, teeth whitening, mercury-free dentistry, implants and adult orthodontics are popular electives,' said Dr. Robinson. 'By focusing on the long-term benefits of elective dentistry, patients are enjoying whiter, straighter teeth now and for a lifetime.'

If you want a healthy smile that will last a lifetime, contact David Robinson D.D.S. at 7615 Kenwood Road. For office hours or information on available services call 791-6262."

"Body Improvement: In Search of a Better Smile"


"…Kenwood dentist David Robinson agrees. 'Porcelain is more lifelike, as opposed to bonding," he says, because porcelain reflects light much like natural tooth enamel. He says veneers put on today are expected to last up to 12 years."

"…Harris says that while orthodontists can solve many a cosmetic problem, some patients opt for cosmetic dentistry because the results are faster, though Robinson says ultimately orthodontic work is more 'aesthetic than restorative dentistry' because it literally gets to the root of the problem."