Do It Right

the First Time

Several patients have requested that I add this information to my website to assist others in their search for a cosmetic dentistry.

Unfortunately, I have had the opportunity to help many patients that have had previous “cosmetic dentistry” that left them less than thrilled or even disappointed. Hopefully, by sharing some of their comments and adding a few suggestions, you may be a little more educated to help you achieve your desired results, the first time!

"The doctor had me watch a video of porcelain veneers and cosmetic dentistry and that sold me. When she put my veneers in, I was very disappointed with how they looked. It was only after it was too late that I realized the beautiful smiles in the video were not her patients at all. It was a video she bought to ‘sell’ more dentistry. Looking back, I never saw any of her actual work.”

“It’s my fault. I didn’t do any research. I just assumed that he could give me the smile I wanted. Believe me, I did my research before I had it all redone. I saw five different dentists before deciding on Dr. Robinson. My advice to others is do your research and save a lot of time, money, and heartache.”

“I chose my dentist because of his impressive website. It looked very professional and the smiles were fantastic. It was after my cosmetic makeover that I questioned why my teeth didn’t look quite like those on his website. The smiles on the website were not his patients!”

“My other dentist could never sit down like this and just talk. He just didn’t have time.”

“You’ve got great teeth. Why do so many dentists have unattractive smiles?”

There are many very good dentists. Make sure you are very clear with your expectations and what the dentist can truly deliver prior to commencing treatment.

Some Things to Consider

If a dentist is truly proud of his/her work, why would they ever show another dentists’ work, and many times let the patients believe that it is their own?

If a dentist truly believes that what he/she is creating can have a dramatic impact on peoples lives, why do so many dentists not believe in what they are doing enough to have it done themselves?

Continuing education is vital. Extra training, in addition to a keen eye and natural ability can take dentistry to a much higher level.